Curriculum (Inglese)

The Lake Tenno Choir was founded at the end of 1979 by a group of friends who enjoy the mountains and mountain songs. The name recells the marvellous lake of Tenno, famous for its clear water.  Since it began, the Choir's conductor Mr. Livio Donati has popularised its music over twenty years in this region and many other Italian towns, as well as in some German cities such as Cologne, Koblenz, Gutenstein, Eppstein, Munich and Frankfurt. In 2008  Mrs Arianna Berti has taken the rule of Choir's conductor. The choir is a large family. Everyone constributes in their own way, with dedication, to ensure that the choir could receive the deserved success in its performances. The Choir is made up of around twenty-five members of the Tenno, Riva, Arco, and Valle di Ledro communities. In 1990 the Choir produced its first record entitled "Ghè 'n laghet che l'è n'amor" (The little lake of love). They shot a video at different times of the year in 1996, matching appropriate seasonal music with evocative regional images. The last work is "Tenno, angoli particolari di un territorio e della sua storia", a DVD ( with CD in attach ) describing  the country of Tenno, with the music of the Coro Lago di Tenno.



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